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February 22nd Cohort – Sacred Sexuality

The sexual act is so shameful that it is intrinsically evil.” ~Pope Innocent (1160-1216)

The Church (and other religions) have done much to turn a God-given Gift into something “dirty” and “perverted”. And interestingly (and tragically), this stance has been embedded into our Western Culture. What if the Church got it wrong? What if sexuality is something beautiful and is actually a sacred path to the Divine? And pushing this further, is “traditional/institutional” marriage the ONLY place where this sacred path should take place (as the Church seems to imply)? What does this mean for single people who are marrying later in life (or never) or LGBT who often aren’t granted that civil right? That will be this month’s fascinating discussion,  facilitated by Josey (the Outlaw) Stone.

Josey poses the question: “What would it look like to move beyond talking about sexuality and all the complex definitions, associations, and issues brought up by the topic of sexuality, and to move toward talking with persons about sexuality on a face to face level, holding their concerns and evolving human identity as sacred- as something to be nurtured, honored, and upheld as a gift from and glimpse of the Divine?”

These links will definitely stir your mind for the conversation:

Come participate in this interfaith conversation on  Tuesday, February 22nd at 7:00 pm at (upstairs space):


466 Edgewood Avenue,  Atlanta, Georgia 30312
on The Edgewood Corridor, in the old Danneman’s space, diagonal to Sound Table.

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  1. cue the hate mail!

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  3. There are two things people don’t like to hear about in church: money and sex. yet, everyone wants to have both! Sex is not a dirty word–it was painted that way by an overly pious group of people to encourage spirituality. Yet, history tells us that many of these pious people who concoted this idea had mistresses!! It is time that this topic be discussed outside of the incorrect context it has been given to us in.

  4. This is a beautiful topic…thank you for bringing it up! Joy


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