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January Cohort – PUNK TORAH!

For our first Metro Atlanta Emergent Cohort gathering of 2011, ATL’s Punk Torah guys, Patrick Aleph and Michael Sabani, are going to hang out with us! I got to meet them a few weeks back at the American Islamic Fellowship meet-up and was blown away by what they are about and what they want to do! Who/what is Punk Torah? From their web page:

PunkTorah is leading a revolution in grassroots, user-driven Jewish spirituality with its family of online, multimedia, community-lead projects, starting with the faith and pop culture blog, as well as its incredibly popular social media networks such as the PunkTorah YouTube Channel and Facebook. Recently, PunkTorah remixed the concept of independent minyanim with the launch of, the world’s first completely virtual, independent minyan and Jewish community as well as publishing two independent siddurim in the past six months.

This is a  brief statement of revolutionary Judaism. In it we try to address some of the possible failings and potential answers to issues plaguing Judaism today. It is not an official statement of belief, but it is close. It is more like a letter written by two people who love Judaism, love their fellow Jews, and want to make the future a better place for all of us.

Does their approach sound slightly similar to what we are talking about in Emergent conversation? Do they sound “emergent-esque” to you? Come meet these guys on Tuesday, January 25th at 7:00 pm at (upstairs space):


466 Edgewood Avenue,  Atlanta, Georgia 30312
on The Edgewood Corridor, in the old Danneman’s space, diagonal to Sound Table.

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